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After 2.5 years of run around with conventional medicine, my back and leg pain was intolerable. I spent a year under Dr. Hunt's care and felt great improvement in the quality of life and lessening of pain. But still I wanted to do more and get stronger. The Postural Enhancement Program was a non medical avenue I could pursue with guidance of specialists. My only reservation was that I doubted myself. I thought the home practice would be too intrusive to my lifestyle. I am amazed by the results. I am stronger. Morning stiffness in my arthritic hip is diminished within seconds of starting my warm-ups. My posture has improved, I do not have to stop to sit when I am out and about, and my back doesn't ache when standing. I liked the personalized attention. I felt you really understood the physical basis of my pain rather than just prescribing general fixes. You were never judgmental when I said I could only exercise 2 days a week. I always felt encouraged. When each exercise was introduced, I felt challenged. I found that within a week of each session I could accomplish the assigned exercises. And I felt better and stronger. After doing my exercises I feel ready for the day. I find myself standing up straighter and I am not in pain! I would recommend others to start the program! Yes! Yes! Yes! I would holler from the mountaintops! If you are feeling achy and are restricting your mobility because of pain, I would highly recommend that you start a Postural Enhancement Program that is personalized just for you. With professional guidance and a little self determination, you can change your life for the better. Cynthia S. of Glendora

I have back pain and leg cramps and Dr. Hunt recommended the Postural Enhancement Program to help with them. I'm not in great shape, so I was nervous about being able to do the exercises. I seem to hurt my back rather easily, so I was scared about doing something wrong and getting hurt. Since starting the program I have become more flexible and stronger. I now know how to help myself get rid of the cramps I get in my legs. I've also lost some weight. Since the program is customized for me, I feel safe that I won't get hurt and it will address the specific issues I have. It's also really great how encouraging you are, it makes me feel like I can push myself more. At first it was hard to get going, but little by little I could see how I was improving. I slowly saw how doing the exercises helped strengthen my back and I noticed my legs loosen up and get less cramps. At first I felt sore and tired, but after I feel stronger and energized. Yes! I would recommend others to start the program. Since the program is customized for your needs you are sure you'll be getting help for your specific problems. Even if it's hard to get started you'll see how much better you'll feel after. Yuriko A. of Chino