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Improving Your Posture

When standing (Stand Tall) – hold your head high, chin firmly forward, shoulders back, chest out (by lifting your rib cage), stomach tucked in to increase your balance. If you stand all day in a job like a cashier or clerk, rest one foot on a stool or take breaks to get off your feet for a while.

When sitting – use a chair with firm low back support. Keep desk or tabletop elbow high, adjust the chair or use a footrest to keep pressure off the back of the leg, and keep your knees a little higher than your hips. Get up and stretch frequently-every hour if you sit for long periods of time. Do not sit on a fat wallet; it can cause hip imbalance!

When working on a computer – stand up and stretch for one to two minutes every 30 minutes when you work at a computer. Keep the bottom of the monitor at the level of your chin. Place reference materials on a copy stand even with the monitor.

When sitting in the car – the back of the seat remains in the upright position. Adjust the seat to avoid reaching with the arms to the steering wheel.

When sleeping – sleep on your side with your knees bent and head supported by a pillow, to make your head level with your spine. Or, sleep on our back, avoiding thick pillows under your head. Don’t sleep on your stomach.

When lifting – let your legs do the work in order to prevent injury to your low back. Stand close to the object, then, when possible, squat down and straddle it. Grasp the object and slowly lift the load by straightening your legs as you stand up. Carry the object close to your body.

When bending – never twist from the waist and bend forward at the same time. To lift or reach something on the floor, bend the knees while keeping the back straight.

Good posture is essential to your overall health. If after you follow these practices, but still feel discomfort or pain or your posture doesn’t look right, visit Dr. Hunt at Chiropractic Health Care Center in Glendora.  Using a computer assisted evaluation software, PostureScreen™, Dr. Hunt can give you an interpretation of the visual analysis that same day.  Call our office at 626-963-3364 to make an appointment for a postural evaluation for yourself and your children.

This article is from the ICA web page, reviewed by Dr. Hunt and modified.