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Neck Pain Relief with Our Glendora Chiropractor

Our Glendora chiropractor, Dr. John Hunt helps patients find neck pain relief with natural, non-invasive treatments. Both acute and chronic forms of neck pain are common ailments. In addition to aching, soreness, tenderness, and sometimes sharp, stabbing pain, neck pain can include symptoms of stiffness and pain which radiate into the head, shoulders, upper back, and arms. Weakness, numbness, and tingling in the shoulders and arms also often accompany neck pain with patients experience difficulty grasping objects. If left untreated, neck pain also often leads to painfully debilitating tension headaches.neck pain relief from your glendora chiropractor  

Neck pain typically stems from issues related to the cervical spine, which includes the vertebrae located in the neck. The most common causes of neck pain are trauma, video games/ TV/ texting, poor computer ergonomics, heavy backpacks for children. Neck pain can also appear due to several conditions related to the cervical spine including degenerative disc disease, herniated disc, osteoarthritis, and spinal stenosis. No matter the cause of your neck pain – chronic or acute – our chiropractor can help you find relief. 

Neck Pain Treatment with Chiropractic Health Center of Glendora

At Chiropractic Health Center of Glendora, our chiropractor's neck pain treatment system uses a combination of adjustments and therapies from our comprehensive menu of holistic services to help patients find effective, natural, and non-invasive relief from neck pain. Our chiropractor carefully evaluates each patient before treatment, gathering a complete medical history and report of current symptoms. Dr. Hunt determines the best course of treatment to ensure the most desirable outcome for each patient. 

Dr. Hunt then devises a unique wellness plan and treatment schedule including treatments and therapies such as spinal manipulation, massage therapy, postural correction, k-laser therapy, and lifestyle and nutritional counseling. These therapies and treatments work in tandem to correct spinal alignment, relieve pressure from the nervous system, reduce muscle tension, boost cellular function, and improve the immune system. As a result, patients experience reduced inflammation, relaxed muscles, and accelerated healing through an unencumbered circulatory system. Most patients enjoy relief after their first appointment and report reduced severity and frequency of symptoms with continued care. 

In addition, chiropractic care prevents the formation of scar tissue, mitigating residual pain and lower our patient's chances of re-injury or recurring symptoms. 

Make an Appointment for Neck Pain Relief in Glendora

If your neck pain has been keeping you from fully enjoying your life, we encourage you to contact our office at (626) 963-3364 to schedule an appointment with our chiropractor for neck pain relief in Glendora.