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Posture Enhancement in Glendora

Posture Matters--And Our Glendora Chiropractic Team Is Here To Help You Improve Yours

Good posture isn't just about making a good first impression. Research shows that improving the way you stand, sit, and move about in your daily life can have a positive impact on many different aspects of your health. At our Glendora chiropractic facility, our team works with interested individuals looking to enhance their posture in a natural, safe, and active way--no gimmicks, get-ups, or pills required.

What's Causing My Poor Posture, Anyway?

Humans are creatures of habit--unfortunately, our poor postures are usually the result of bad habits, too. We spend more and more time sitting, driving, slouching at computer desks, and hunched over smart phones. It's no wonder so many of us report neck, shoulder, and back pain!

Some specific factors which have known to contribute to poor posture include:

  • Careless sitting and standing, including the newly coined "text neck" position often seen during excessive smartphone/tablet use
  • Poor sleep habits, positions, and supports/mattresses
  • Slips, trips, falls, and other accidents
  • Excessive weight
  • Visual or auditory difficulties
  • Spinal alignment abnormalities (e.g., scoliosis or kyphosis)
  • Foot problems or improper shoes
  • Weak muscles, muscle imbalance
  • Psychological difficulties, including poor stress management and low self-esteem
  • Poorly designed home or office workspace

Ask yourself--do any of these factors apply to you? If so, it's very possible that your current posture may not be ideal for your health. Even if you don't have back pain or shoulder pain, poor posture may still be impacting your health in other ways, such as by impeding your digestion, circulation, lung function, mood, or mental clarity.

Posture Enhancement with Our Glendora Chiropractor: How It Works

If you think about it, we're never really taught what good posture actually is (hint: it's not as simple as "standing up straight"), let alone how to achieve it. Our chiropractor in Glendora, Dr. John Hunt, sees this is as a public health issue that can be resolved through a combination of education, exercise, and chiropractic care.

Ultimately, good posture requires interplay between your musculoskeletal system and nervous system. So, we've designed our Posture Enhancement Program to optimize this important communication within your body.

First, our Glendora chiropractor completes a comprehensive movement analysis. This allows us to identify the specific movement faults within an individual's neuromuscular system which may be negatively impacting health and quality of life.

Once these movement faults are identified, the next step is to create and implement a customized corrective stretching and exercise program that addresses the muscle length imbalances or weaknesses unique to each individual--no matter their age, health history, or lifestyle. Our corrective exercises focus on both isolation and integration of key postural muscles, including those in the shoulders, core, hips, and legs. Some of the exercises we may introduce to students of our Posture Enhancement Program include:

  • Exercises for the core: plank holds and progressions, Supermans
  • Exercises for the shoulders: internal and external rotation, "Ts, Is, and Ys"
  • Exercises or the hips, glutes, and legs: floor bridges, lunges, clamshells, squats

We also provide a variety of tools and equipment to assist our patients with their exercises and maximize the program's effectiveness. These tools may include stability balls, therabands/exercise bands, and dyna discs. Even a patient's own body weight can be used to safely and progressively challenge the strength and flexibility of their upper extremity, core, and lower extremity muscles.

Additional chiropractic care services--including self-myofascial release (using a foam roller), soft tissue massage, and chiropractic adjustments--are implemented to enhance our patients' outcomes.

Contact our Glendora Chiropractor for an Appointment

Looking to improve your posture? Call our chiropractor in Glendora today at 626-963-3364 to learn more about our Posture Enhancement and to schedule an initial consultation.